Musical bones

You have heard of musical chairs, well I play musical bones. I have small teeth and chewing on hard bones is not really my thing, but Lanie is really good at at and she gets them nice and soft. So this is how our bone sessions go.

Mom or dad gives is us bones, I try to start mine, and then I go over and see if Lanie will give me her bone. Nope, it never happens. So then I go to mom and dad and let them know that I want Lanie’s bone because i need it to be soft. So mom and dad change out the bones. Lanie and I are happy for about 10 – 20 minutes and then I need Lanie’s bone again. So it starts all over again. Sometime Lanie tries to end the game bone game by taking all the bones.

Musical bones, it’s fun!

Me trying to get mom to change out the bones.


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