What a summer so far!! My cousin Justin visited with us for the first three weeks. It was great!  We went to the park, we played. Over the weekend I got hurt and had to spend most of Sunday waiting to see a doctor to make sure I was ok! Boy is mom over […]

  This little girl was wandering the streets in Louisiana. She was so hungry she stuck her head in a jar and got stuck. Mom says that she was like that, with her head in the jar, for several days.  Rescuers caught her and brought her a local Bnafield where the jar was removed. She […]

  Mom and I love stories about how dogs are not just pets! We can do and offer society so much! Not only do we snuggle, cuddle, and guard you. We are also policemen, handicap mentors, and soldiers. Now we can add assistance in court! Yes, there are a group of dogs that assist adults […]

  We love Rachel Ray! We love watching her cooking show and especially when mom then cooks her recipes. We also like her because she is a friend to animals. So much so that when her and her company realized that certain pet foods had high level of vitamin D she has recalled certain foods.  […]

  Caitlyn this sweet little girl is doing better and that makes our weekend! You might know her as the dog found with electrical tape on her muzzle.  Mom refuses to put up that picture because it was such a horrendous deed!! We are so glad that the man who did this is in jail.  […]

  Mom is totally freaking out! Two towns over from us there are coyotes and they are attacking dogs!  If you live in the Boca Raton area, please becareful with you pet babies!  Read more here: Coyotes in the area! 

  We are a very patriotic family! Our grandpa served with Marines and our grandparents serve the Marine Corp League. So when mom and I read this story we thought it was great! On one of the bases there is a veterinarian group offering low prices to our military families and they also have treated […]