Summer is coming!

Summer is coming and mom and I read a really sad story about two dogs that were in their owner’s car and died. So we wanted to give a couple of pointers for summer:

1. Never leave a pet in a car. Remember that their internal body temperature is higher than ours. Also the car is a different temperature inside the car than outside. Leave them home it’s safer.

2. If your pet is an outside pet ensure that there is adequate shade in the yard, even if it is self made.

3. Water is key. Please make sure your pets had enough water to hydrate themselves.

4. Outdoor dogs should also have a wading pool to cool off in.

5. Cool treats. Check out your local pet store for cool treats for dogs that you can have in your freezer. Some dogs just like to chew on ice. Mom bought me these little smoothie cups at the Pet Supermaket they have lots of fiber in them.

Let us know if you have any additional tips!

Here is the article we read: Dogs vs. Cars



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