Me and my sister


My sister Lanie is a good sister. She has been through a lot. When she was with her first family she got lost for about three weeks. She lived off the land. She returned to her family having a sister for her. Then her family could not take care of her anymore. So her and her sister went to live with mom. Lanie was so happy.

Mom fostered a big dog for a while and the big dog mauled Lanie while mom was at work. When mom had gotten home she was so frighten at what she saw, but miraculously Lanie survived. She literally had a hole in her neck and needed stitches but she survived. Mom returned the big dog and then Lanie’s sister started to bullying her. When I met Lanie and her sister they ignored me. The fighting between Lanie and her sister was so bad mom was afraid for Lanie so she found a family who was looking to have a little girl dog and a home where Lanie’s sister would be happy.

That left just me and Lanie. Like I said in the beginning Lanie ignored me. She cuddled up to Dad right away. Then we went through a stage where she acknowledged me but didn’t want to get close. So when we went out for walks we wouldn’t walk near each other. As we got to know each other and became more of a family Lanie now takes care of me. We walk together, when she is in a mood I let her go first. We cuddle together and she has become a really cool sister. I teach her how to play and she teaches me how to use my my sense is smell. I was scared for her when she had to have an operation, but she is all good now!

I am very lucky to have a sister like her.


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