Head Pressing, a pressing matter!

One of moms friends at worked asked her about head pressing in dogs. Mom had never heard of it before. So last night mom and I read a whole bunch of articles on it.

First, head pressing is not exactly what it sounds like. It is when dogs walk very close to walks or go into corners head first and stay there. We thought it was like when I drag my ear against the floor, but no. Here is a video of what it kind of looks like : Head Pressing

It is very important if you see this in your pup to go to the vet. There are several things it could be, all of them serious! From brain tumors, head trauma to toxins. There is also an issue with the liver.

So we stress if you see this behavior in your baby, please please please take them to the vet right away!

Here are a couple of articles that you can read: PetMD, Web MD



One comment

  1. That is so scary I haven’t heard of head pressing before, thank you for sharing

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